We are a congregation of Reformed believers located in Wisconsin, about 40 miles northeast of Madison, and 70 miles northwest of Milwaukee. Our church is at 229 Hammond Street in Randolph (2 blocks east of highway 73 and 2 blocks south of highway P).

Making us different from many churches today is our emphasis on exegetical Biblical preaching, Psalm singing in worship, and reverence in worship. Because we emphasize these things, some suppose that we consciously try to cater to "traditional" thinkers and worshipers. In fact, the real reason for our emphasis has nothing to do with our audience, and everything to do with our God, Jehovah. We worship a holy God, who tells us in Scripture how to worship Him.

In keeping with our Reformed heritage, we proclaim God’s sovereign grace - a grace which is made all the more wonderful, because it comes to unworthy sinners.

On other pages of this website you will learn more about us, our worship, and our faith. If, after browsing, you have a question about what you read, you may contact our evangelism committee by using the email address on our Contact Us page. And if you are in our area, you are always welcome to join us in worship.